Situational Awareness Solutions for Defense

Essential to the success of military operations is the ability to have an accurate and up-to-the-minute view of impending threats as well as an understanding of the exact location, capacity and status of people and resources across forces and agencies. Situational Awareness solutions from MetaLogix built on the Microsoft platform can help enable commanders to make rapid decisions, deploy the right level of support and determine the most effective response to unfolding events.

In pressurized, rapidly changing environments, Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions, based on Microsoft technologies and platform, enable informed, precise decision-making, providing an intuitive geo-spatial display of information that is consistent with the customer’s operational techniques and procedures. Gaining the most accurate information possible helps leaders and teams optimize their decision-making, thereby providing superior support to people in the field and maximizing their operations’ success.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions are designed to meet military customers’ requirements to:

  • Interoperate with allies and coalition partners by adhering to open standards
  • Comply with national and international security policies
  • Accommodate legacy technology
  • Scale from fixed headquarters, mobile, and dismounted units
  • Accommodate operations on austere networks
  • Reach back to leverage remote resources
  • Support independent operations at lower echelons
  • Manage frequent “join and leave” changes during operations
  • Operate on another unit’s network infrastructure (tenant operations)
  • Address space and power limitations with options for virtualization and smaller-footprint devices.

Managing systems, people and information is everything on the battlefield or when managing an emergency situation or conducting daily operational duties. The ability to combine data from all sources, and to connect systems and people, enables leaders to communicate with all levels of tactical operations, and to fully utilize all information. This seamless network of communication and data transmission results in a common operational picture, producing confident decisions, and successful endeavors.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions aggregate and analyze multiple sources of data and information to give users an accurate, real-time visualization of the battlefield, regardless of physical limitations. The visual display is consistent with doctrine, operational procedures, and techniques developed by the customer or universally applied in military circles.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions are built on a technology platform that supports a wide range of applications, services and hardware, from mobile devices to data center resources. They can be deployed at a strategic, national, regional or local level, at command posts that are fixed, deployed, or mobile.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions can leverage the capabilities and extend the value of many Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 201, 2007, Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Office Groove, a collaboration program that enables information sharing with team members who work for different organizations, or who work remotely or offline. These products adhere to an open standards architecture designed to grow and extend current investments and help meet users’ future needs.

Engineered by MetaLogix into a variety of Situational Awareness solutions, these products give users the ability to see beyond their own network to get real-time data on troop positions, to communicate and collaborate with coalition forces, or respond effectively to unexpected events.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions are designed with enhanced security in mind for deployment and communications. Microsoft products that comprise Situational Awareness solutions are developed with the principles of Trustworthy Computing – a long-term, collaborative initiative to help increase the security, privacy, and reliability of everyday computing.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions incorporate internationally-recognized military and commercial standards to allow users to collaborate with a variety of military partners, civilian authorities and coalition allies, enhancing decision-making and force control at all levels.

Microsoft Situational Awareness products and MetaLogix solutions give users the ability to connect beyond their own network to get real-time data on the operational picture, position of assets and people, communicate and collaborate with other agencies and forces, or respond effectively to unexpected events. Users can collaborate, using familiar and easy to use tools, with a variety of allies, partners and civilian authorities, enhancing understanding, situational awareness and decision-making.

Microsoft Situational Awareness solutions can be customized to incorporate video streams, low-bandwidth synchronous and asynchronous communication tools, team workspaces, customized e-mail systems, integrated GIS, mapping and mobile device support. The Microsoft .net™ Framework also enables customers to rapidly develop and adapt highly functional, interoperable applications.

Microsoft Office 365 is a no brainer for small business

Let’s face it, moving to the cloud isn’t a quick or easy decision. You’ve got a lot to think about. What is it really going to cost? Will it allow your people to work how and where they want to work—but still keep you in control? Is your data really going to be secure in the cloud? We hear you.
That is why we recommend Microsoft® Office 365 for your business. Office 365 is a set of cloud-based services that bring together Office 2010 with sites to share documents, IM, web conferencing, and the power of Exchange Online, the industry’s leading business-class email with 25GB mailboxes and built-in layers of antivirus and anti-spam protection. So why should you care?

“Most people work from home or client locations. That is why have a cloud solution is so appealing. It reaches out to everyone and removes barriers.”1
• Secure, single-sign-on access to email, documents, people, and meetings without VPN
• Access from Windows® Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android
• Works on virtually any device with Internet Explorer®, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome

“Peace of mind is the biggest benefit for me. Knowing that someone else is taking care of everything is great.”
• 99.9 percent uptime Service Level Agreement with money back guarantee
• Latest defenses against viruses and spam
• Geographically-distributed data centers with backup and premier disaster recovery

“Things are getting more complex. Without Office 365 we would need more people to understand it all.” 1
• 24/7 IT-level phone support
• Role-based access control to sensitive documents
• One easy-to-use and robust control panel for all of your online services

Office 365 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are multiple plans available to fit different company sizes and needs. Enterprise SKUs are a great fit for companies between 25-250 PCs, and include the following:

The world’s leading productivity applications, giving you anywhere access from virtually any device.
• Best productivity experience and familiar interface
• Consistent formatting across your PC, Phone, Browser
• Edit documents at the same time with colleagues with IM and presence

Business-class email, calendar, and contacts.
• 25GB mailbox with voicemail and unified messaging
• Shared calendars, contacts, and tasks
• Mobile email for most mobile devices including Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia

Connect with people in new ways, anytime, from virtually anywhere.
• PC-to-PC audio and video conferencing
• Click-to-communicate from Outlook®, team sites, and other Office Applications
• One-click to create online meetings with desktop sharing

Create sites to share documents and information with colleagues and customers.
• Team sites to keep track of documents and schedules
• Extranet for sharing large files with customers
• Offline access to documents using SharePoint® Workspace


[1]The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Office 365 for Midsize Businesses, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, June 2011



Fort Mill, SC. July 14, 2011 /-Today, MetaLogix, Inc ( announced that it has teamed with GBTI Solutions of McLean, Va. to win a seat on the Navy’s seaport-e program. The US 8tiNavy’s indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award valued up to $50B thru 2018. This Multiple Award Contract (MAC) is used by the U.S. Navy to address ongoing engineering, technology and program management requirements across twenty-two functional areas.

Under this contract MetaLogix will be providing a full-range of SharePoint consulting and integration services. MetaLogix CEO Crystal Williams commented, “Being a part of a winning team is a boost to MetaLogix as we continue to expand our comprehensive offerings in the Federal market. We are excited to be part of this opportunity on the Navy’s Seaport-e contract.

About MetaLogix

Since 2002,South Carolina based MetaLogix helps customers directly reduce costs, save time and streamline business processes by providing SharePoint Customization and Integration services, Document Management software, Agenda Management and creation software, Complicated Collection and Receivables Management solutions, and our award winning Business Intelligence Solutions. MetaLogix is a unique blend of senior project managers, technical specialists and application developers who have extensive experience in the delivery of IT solutions for businesses and government agencies.

For further information please visit or GBTI Solutions.


MetaLogix Inc., an innovative technoloy solutions provider in the South East, has developed a Invoicing Process Automation Solution platform leveraging Enterprise Web Forms, Business Intelligence Reporting, Business Rules engines, Web Services, and Role Based Security.


Customer (a 75 billion dollar company) adopted a custom developed Invoicing solution which manages the Per Diem Equipment Invoicing process.


Customer has globally and over 100,000 shipping containers. The Invoicing process manages the Invoicing of over 125,000 detention equipment invoice transactions representing over 60 million dollars in annual receivables.


Customer had previously been working with a global invoicing system which did not account for regional service contracts.  Because of this non-regional support the existing invoicing systems was only correct about half of the time.

Management was not collecting on a large percentage of the receivables and the customers were frustrated that invoices did not reflect the contracts which were previously negotiated.


MetaLogix Consulted, Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed and Maintained a Web based application which interfaced with there multiple ERP and CRM systems which provided a comprehensive and enterprise ready Business Invoice Management solution.

The system maintained business rules for:

  • Account definitions, Multinational service contracts
  • A tiered rate structures
  • Blackout dates
  • Billing exceptions
  • Splitinvoicing based on carrier or merchant haulage
  • Proper identification of military moves
  • Identification of stop the clock-interchange
  • Re-billing of invoices
  • Audit container moves
  • Manage consignee to debtor code relationships
  • Allows collectors to adjust and create updated invoices to send to customers
  • Tracks all adjustments through an approval process, including metadata such as the adjustor, any dollar amount changes, reasons for the change and who approved the changes

Customer Pains

  • Invoicing not accurate
  • Poor collection ratios
  • No Regional Service contracts reflected in invoices
  • Could not pre-audit invoices
  • Customer frustration
  • Revenue and Cash flow cannot be calculated
  • No tier support
  • Collectors need to interface with multiple systems in order to resolve billing issues
  • Could not filter out exceptions or blackout periods
  • No way to get real-time statistics, No composite view.
  • Errors were often found by customers first.


MetaLogix Inc. designed; developed, tested, and deployed the initial Invoicing process automation solution that increased the invoicing amounts and greatly improved revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Invoices are accurate
  • Collection ratios improved
  • Regional Service contracts are reflected in invoices
  • Pre-audit of invoices available
  • Customer frustration resolved
  • Revenue and Cash flow can be calculated
  • Tiered billing supported
  • Collectors have all information to resolve billing issues

MetaLogix, Inc


Get cloud power on your terms

What if you could take your existing IT infrastructure and make it more flexible, more productive, and more powerful—all for less money than you’re currently spending?

Introducing cloud power from Microsoft, the most comprehensive approach to cloud computing on earth—delivering software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions across multiple environments using familiar tools and technology.

Increase business productivity while paying only for the computing power you need with Microsoft Office 365. Take advantage of flexible, public cloud computing with Windows Azure® platform application development and hosting solutions. Reduce capital expenses while creating a more scalable and efficient private cloud infrastructure using Windows Server® 2008 R2 Hyper-V™. When you choose cloud solutions based on Microsoft technologies, you gain the flexibility and control to distribute cloud power where it makes sense for your organization while leveraging the same Microsoft best in-class products you already know and trust.

MetaLogix, Inc is your cloud authority.

Our unique services and solutions will help you get the most out of Microsoft cloud products. Learn more at or find out more about these Microsoft products:

Contact us to learn how you can get cloud power on your terms today.


CDCA Small Business and Industry Outreach Events in Charleston

I recently attended the CDCA (Charleston Defrense Contractors Association) small business and Industry Outreach event in Charleston.  The symposium gave an overview on how to better sub with area large contractors within the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic community, as well as tools and techniques available for SBs to better understand and compete in the SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic market.

Some of the Speakers included



Paul Sartorius – Lockheed Martin

Joe Golden – Verizon

David Dobrey – L3 Communications

The Moore Group – Whitney Lester

Aeronix – Sean Priddy

Security Risk Solutions – Jonathan Coleman

ActioNet – Ashley Chen

 The event was very informative and I look forward ti attending the next sysmposium will be held in April.