Twitter: What are #Hashtags? And why @williamscrystal is using them

Hashtags are merely keywords or keyword phrases used to categorize tweets. By putting a # symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) a link is automatically created. This is called a hashtag.  This link is clickable allowing you to see all other tweets related to this topic today. Hashtags allow information to spread and be categorized through the twittersphere.

How hashtags help with marketing

It’s important to use #hashtags in your tweets effectively broadening your audience and helping you to gain more followers. Events and Conferences use #hashtags to allow attendees to hold a conversation as a group. Think of it like virtual networking.

Seriously, hashtag etiquette?

  1. Don’t overuse them
  2. Make your hashtags short remember they take up precious real estate in your 140 character limit
  3. No spaces – #charlottenc
  4. Do not hijack popular hashtags to get your tweet seen.-This is SPAM!

@williamscrystal why is this important in my tweet

When mentioning users in Twitter if you put a ‘@’ symbol before their usernames you are directing the conversation to a specific individual or group grabbing their attention.  Unlike a direct message this conversation is public.  The mention then becomes a link to that person’s Twitter account taking readers to their tweets and profiles. Mentions are a great way to shout out to your favorite brand or friends.

In summary when constructing a tweet try using a relevant #hashtag and mentioning @someone to help grow your audience and engage more followers. So get out there and shake your Twitter handles!



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