MetaLogix Inc., an innovative technoloy solutions provider in the South East, has developed a Invoicing Process Automation Solution platform leveraging Enterprise Web Forms, Business Intelligence Reporting, Business Rules engines, Web Services, and Role Based Security.


Customer (a 75 billion dollar company) adopted a custom developed Invoicing solution which manages the Per Diem Equipment Invoicing process.


Customer has globally and over 100,000 shipping containers. The Invoicing process manages the Invoicing of over 125,000 detention equipment invoice transactions representing over 60 million dollars in annual receivables.


Customer had previously been working with a global invoicing system which did not account for regional service contracts.  Because of this non-regional support the existing invoicing systems was only correct about half of the time.

Management was not collecting on a large percentage of the receivables and the customers were frustrated that invoices did not reflect the contracts which were previously negotiated.


MetaLogix Consulted, Designed, Developed, Tested, Deployed and Maintained a Web based application which interfaced with there multiple ERP and CRM systems which provided a comprehensive and enterprise ready Business Invoice Management solution.

The system maintained business rules for:

  • Account definitions, Multinational service contracts
  • A tiered rate structures
  • Blackout dates
  • Billing exceptions
  • Splitinvoicing based on carrier or merchant haulage
  • Proper identification of military moves
  • Identification of stop the clock-interchange
  • Re-billing of invoices
  • Audit container moves
  • Manage consignee to debtor code relationships
  • Allows collectors to adjust and create updated invoices to send to customers
  • Tracks all adjustments through an approval process, including metadata such as the adjustor, any dollar amount changes, reasons for the change and who approved the changes

Customer Pains

  • Invoicing not accurate
  • Poor collection ratios
  • No Regional Service contracts reflected in invoices
  • Could not pre-audit invoices
  • Customer frustration
  • Revenue and Cash flow cannot be calculated
  • No tier support
  • Collectors need to interface with multiple systems in order to resolve billing issues
  • Could not filter out exceptions or blackout periods
  • No way to get real-time statistics, No composite view.
  • Errors were often found by customers first.


MetaLogix Inc. designed; developed, tested, and deployed the initial Invoicing process automation solution that increased the invoicing amounts and greatly improved revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Invoices are accurate
  • Collection ratios improved
  • Regional Service contracts are reflected in invoices
  • Pre-audit of invoices available
  • Customer frustration resolved
  • Revenue and Cash flow can be calculated
  • Tiered billing supported
  • Collectors have all information to resolve billing issues

MetaLogix, Inc


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