Off to Fort Bragg

This week I’m on the road again off to see my friends in the Bragg area, and I’m excited. There is just something exciting about hanging out with our Special Forces. If you’re not familiar with this elite military group these guys are “serious” knowing these guys are defending us definitely allows me to sleep better at night.

I’m attending the command breakfast hosted by the MAC where military leaders will address on-going operations at Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base speakers include:

MG Rodney O. Anderson
Deputy Commanding General
XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg

COL Ferdinand Irizarry II
Deputy Command General
US Army John F. Kennedy Special
Warfare Center and School

COL Merle D. Hart
440th Airlift Wing
Pope Air Force Base

COL James C. Johnson
43rd Airlift Wing
Pope air Force Base

The Fayetteville- Cumberland County area is changing so much with BRAC it’s estimated that Fort Bragg will see additional gains of 40,000 military and civilian personnel and their families as the Army moves U.S. Army Reserve Command and U. S. Army Forces Command from Fort McPherson, Ga. to Fort Bragg.

My hope is to meet the new comers and offer my services and be an industry partner for our nation’s military.

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